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November-December 2016

Happy 2nd birthday to the Cup litter for 6th November!!!

A few shows at Echuca, Bulla and KCC Park where Tango picked up another 53 points, and will finish the year on 256 points. She also won another Neuter in Group and 2 x Runner Up In Group.

Poppy has had some very strong competition in her class but was able to achieve Reserve Challenge at Bulla, beating a few locals on the day. Well done Deb!!!

We had a lovely trip away to the Yorke and Eyre Peninsulas for 5 weeks

October 2016

Happy 1st birthday to the adorable Magic litter for 26th October.

Tracking season over for this year so no more results to report. Poppy has been out doing some tracks and will commence her tracking career in May 2017. So looking forward to being on the end of the lead with my own kids rather than judging other dogs.

Tango had some success with showing at Ballarat on 8th October, picking up another 6 pts, and at the Dobermann Club of Victoria Specialty show on 29th October where she was awarded Neuter in Show under breed specialist Alan Addicott.

Both Miley and Tango competed in Open class in the Dobermann Club's Obedience trial on 29th October. Miley did well in all but the heeling , gaining 2nd place in that class but not a pass unfortunately. It was all just a bit too hard for Tango but she did do a nice retrieve over the jump and lovely stays as usual.

September 2016

Tango's kids Scout and Xena continued their tracking success at Ballarat Tracking Trial on 11th September, the final trial for the year. Mike and Xena passed their Test 4 under judge Lynn Klecka while Leesa and Scout passed their Test 3 under judge Alyson Mills to gain her TD title. Congrats to Scout on gaining that title!!

August 2016

Another huge congrats to Mike and Xena on passing their Test 3 at the StateTracking Trial under judge Wendy McLean, and gaining their TD title. One very proud Nanny here!! We managed several more shows at Mudgee in the first weekend where Tango picked up another 2 Neuter in Group awards. She seems to be really enjoying the showing - now that she does not need to perform for a title!

July 2016

Congratulations again to Mike Kirkman who passed his tracking Test 2 with Xena at Morwell Tracking Trial under judge Rob Tester. I had the pleasure of watching this track as a steward and proud to see that Xena tracks just like her Grandma Angel. She also has an enormous poo appetite like Angel so some work for Mike to do there!! But she has a big tracking future ahead of her.

Then at the Ballarat Tracking Trial in late July, under judge John Scott, Leesa and Scout passed their Test 2 with a Grading of Good. On the last weekend of July, we ventured off on a 5 week break to northern NSW but managed several shows on the way through. At the Wagga Wagga Champ shows, Tango managed 3 Neuter in Group from 3 Shows, and was also awarded Neuter in Show under Mrs S Tassan from Qld. However, she did not perform well in the obedience ring (as usual!!).

June 2016

Correction to last month's post - the Neuter Champion title is Tango's 16th title, not her 15th. Hard to keep count with this industrious little girl.

In early June, we spent the weekend in Bendigo at the dog shows. Tango picked up another 25 points in the neuter class. I was so pleased to be awarded Neuter in Group and some lovely comments from judge Daniel Filipovic, a Dobermann breeder himself. Deb was off to Wangaratta for several shows with Poppy.

Huge congrats to Mike Kirkman and Leesa O'Neill, who very bravely ventured out into tracking at the Bendigo trial. Mike passed Test 1 with Xena and Leesa passed Test 1 with Scout, both with judge Helen den Hartog. Very proud of these two guys - it is quite scary starting out, but you are both now on the way.

May 2016

Very proud of our beautiful Tango who achieved her 15th title - Neuter Champion - at Euroa on 22nd May. We put her back into the showring to assist with her Obedience performance as she appears to resent having an audience. However, she seems to be enjoying the showing so we will persevere a little longer to see if there is an improvement in her behavior at Obedience trials

April 2016

Mother and daughter (Tango and Poppy) set off for a few shows - Bunyip, Canine Museum (KCC Park) and Ballarat early in the month. Poor little Poppy had some real teething problems and was not impressed with being poked and prodded by the judges but Tango collected another 20 points at these 3 shows, taking Neuter in Group at Ballarat under judge Fay Crooks.

Tango performed at her usual standard at the Ballarat Obedience Dog Club Rally O Trial on 9th April. Under judge Julie Morrison, she scored 80 and 3rd place in the Rally Advanced B class then, as fate would have it, the Rally Excellent B course was doing really well until she spotted her friend Shadow in the next ring. I decided to halt so that Shadow could continue without her interference!!! So only one pass where we needed two.

March 2016

On the long weekend in March, Deb and I went to the Warragul shows with Tango & Poppy (Marksman Magic Melody). Tango came home with another 14 points towards her Neuter title and though Poppy was beaten by an older boy baby, she did manage to place 3rd in the Baby Puppy Sweepstakes.

On 19th March, Tango attended Southern Obedience Dog Club to attempt another double Rally Trial, the first since July last year. In Rally Excellent B, she lost 10 points by refusing to spin, but her handler cost her another 20 points by not reading the signs. A very costly mistake!!! But Tango went back in for Rally Advanced B and did an amazing 96 points and 4th place. Unfortunately the afternoon trials were not a success as Tango was just a bit over it.

Lexie (Marksman Pure Magic) had her first try at being a showgirl at the Pakenham Show on 20th March. She was initially a little overwhelmed with the whole scene but very quickly learned the ropes, especially when she spotted the other adult Dobes. She protested strongly to the show lead and absolutely refused to let the judge check her teeth. But she caught on when she went in with all the other babies for Group Specials, thinking she was quite special.

Tracking season is also about to start so we have had Poppy starting her tracks and the lovely Xena, now 16 months old, doing some very nice work. Both girls are absolutely killing their socks!!!

Happy Birthday to the So Litter kids who turned 4 on 19th March!!!

February 2016

Well, another wonderful holiday in Bermagui has come to an end. Because Deb was not well, Miley did not get to trial in Obedience. I did not expect too much from Tango as she has not been in the trial ring since early last year; she whelped her last litter in late October, and was neutered in January. Needless to say, she was not too impressed with my expectations of her in the obedience ring.

However, she did get to enjoy herself in the showring again, picking up 41 points towards her Neuter Champion title and a Neuter in Group sash. Little does she realize that we are using the showring to condition her for the obedience trial ring.

Our little Poppy (Marksman Magic Melody), handled very nicely by Deb, was just a little showoff in Baby Puppy class. Though she had some stiff competition with older and more experienced babies, she gained 4 Baby Puppy in Group sashes to start off her show career.

December 2015

Our little ones have gone to their new homes over the Christmas weekend so we would like to welcome to the Marksman family - Deb & Phil (once again) with Poppy, a mate for Miley; Dana and Matt and their boys with Coco; Daniel with Zeus; Mark and Jacqui and their boys in Tassie with Murphy; April and Mark and their two youngsters with Sasha; Leesa and Max and their two daughters with Scout; and Stephanie and Sam and their two daughters with Lexi. Thanks you all so much for providing such wonderful homes for our babies and we look forward to monitoring their progress in the following years.

Now Tango can get back into training ready for the Bermagui holiday and obedience trials.

November 2015

On the first weekend of November, Deb and Miley went down to Gippsland for the obedience trials. Miley was not at her best for the Rally O trials but she did manage to get that final pass for her CD title. Miley will now get into serious training for the Open Class at the Bermagui trials in February 2016.

October 2015

NEWS FLASH!!!! Tango whelped 7 very healthy babies on Monday night 26th October – 5 girls and 2 boys. Only two browns this time, and of course, we had more people wanting brown males on this occasion.

We have been very fortunate to already have 7 wonderful homes for these puppies as enquiries have been floating in since early this year. Puppies will be ready to leave the litter just before Christmas.

Tango is very proud of her little brood and I’m sure Darcy will also be very proud of these kids. At the Dobermann Club of Vic Specialty Show on 31st October, Miley first competed in the Obedience ring.

Although she missed out on a CD pass, she won the ring, and to Deb’s surprise, Miley also won the Highest in Trial Award. She then put on her show attitude and strutted her stuff to win Opposite Neuter in Show. She is such a sweet little girl who goes out of her way to please. Big congrats to Deb & Miley!!!

September 2015

It has been a few very quiet months on the competitive side though the tracking season has kept us very busy. We travelled across to South Australia for a repeat mating between Tango and Darcy in late August. Following the ultrasound on 22nd September we can confirm that Tango will whelp around 27th October.

We already have some fabulous homes for these puppies. Debbie Charters and Miley braved the Royal Melbourne Show on Friday 25th September to compete in Obedience. Though Miley did not pass, it was great to see just how close she is to obtaining that final pass for her CD title.

On 26th September, young Xena (from the last litter) had her introduction to tracking at 100 Acres park in Park Orchards. We first did a little happy track, then a demonstration track with Tango to show her how it is done. It was amazing to watch Xena go over the same track, trash all 3 socks on the track and find her owner, with only a minor hiccup on the turn. We expect to see her out there next year at the tracking trials.

May 2015

Huge congrats to Erin in Alice Springs where, on the first weekend of May, Miss Savvy gained the final points towards her Australian Champion title. She did it in style with two bitch challenge and Runner Up Best of Breed, plus four Australian Bred in Group. Fabulous effort from the Alice team. Looking forward to hearing good things about Savvy in Obedience, Rally O, Tracking and Endurance.

Not to be outdone by the younger sister, Miss Miley also gained the final points for her Neuter Champion title at Geelong on 24th May. This title also qualifies Miley for the Dual Champion title. Big congrats to Deb and Miley on a well earned Dual Ch (T) title as they have worked so hard towards this one. Now for the Obedience and Rally O.

We had some beautiful weather for the Berwick Obedience and Rally O trial on Sunday 17th May. Tango's start to the day in the Open obedience class was a little disappointing but she redeemed herself in the afternoon to pass the Advanced B class in 5th place with 93 points, then another pass of 70 in Excellent B (her handler cost her 20 points - again!!!). This is her first of the 10 required double passes needed for the RAE title.

Then on Sunday 24th May, at the Morning Obedience Dog Club trials , Tango again passed Rally O Advanced B with a score of 93 then passed Excellent B with a score of 84. She now has another 8 double passes to go to reach the elusive RAE title.

April 2015

Another very busy month for the girls starting with the OTEC Easter trials on 4th April. While Tango did not get an Open pass, she did get her second Rally Excellent pass and 3rd place on the Saturday and her third pass for the Rally Excellent title on the Sunday.
Miley picked up 6 points as Neuter of Breed at Bunyip show on 4th April, another 6 points for Neuter of Breed at Canine Museum Show on 12th April then another 6 points at Albury (Deniliquin Kennel Club) on 18th April. Sadly, Deb & Phil lost their lovely boy on that weekend so had to cancel other shows. RIP Chase aka Tracking Champion Truganini Dream Chaser CDX, Miley's best buddy.

At the Dobermann Club of Victoria's AGM on 16th April, Tango received a rosette for the Highest Graded Dobermann at the TCV TSD Trial in April 2014. Angel, Bear, Tango & Miley all received title sashes for their TS Champion & TS Grand Champion title in 2014 (also CD title for Tango). Trevor presented the Tracking Encouragement Award (sponsored by Marksman Kennels) to Deb Armstrong and her beautiful girl Chilli aka Gr TS Ch Dual Ch (T) Dobenaire Precious Opal ET ROM.

**Huge congrats to Graeme Jones with his boy Nudge (Marksman Justa Joka ET) who passed his Working Aptiutude Evaluation (WAE) on Sunday 19th April under judge Dawn Ayton in Western Australia. Nudge can now attach the WAC title to his name. We are very proud of this boy!!

March 2015

Deb had another adventurous weekend away at Noorat where Miley picked up another 30 points towards her Neuter Champion title. Only 30 more points to go!!

Luisa has decided to wait till next season to mate Hannah so we should have both Hannah and Tango whelping late 2015.

February 2015

Another successful trip to Bermagui this year even though Tango and Miley did not get any passes in the Obedience ring this time. Tango did achieve a nice pass in Rally Excellent with a score of 83 and 3rd place and her father Bear, entered in Veteran Sweepstakes, strutted around the ring to get a 4th place then a 1st place. He was beside himself when the lady judge called him a 'handsome boy'.

Miley returned to the showring and was quite the little show pony once again. She gained 40 points towards her Neuter Champion title, beating both neuter boys, and was awarded 3 Neuter in Group sashes. Some lovely pics of Miley will be added to the website shortly.

Marksman So Stylish (Hannah), owned by Luisa and Henry Jung, will be mated to a lovely Cabochon boy shortly so hopefully we should have some puppies around late April-early May.

January 2015

A little sad to see the babies leave the nest after a very rewarding 8-10 weeks with them. We welcome to the Marksman family Kim in WA; Mimika, Catherine and Aiden in Qld; Prue and Thadd in Melbourne; the Kirkman family in Melbourne and the Corbet family in Qld .

We are blessed once again with some wonderful families for our kids and we know they will be very well cared for. Several have started puppy school already and some are destined for the tracking/obedience/showing careers. We look forward to hearing wonderful stories about them all and will post photos in the gallery as they come in.

November 2014

Very proud to announce the arrival of our latest litter from Tango & Darcy (Gr Ch Coppertop So Tempting) on 6th November. One female and 4 males named after Melbourne Cup runners – Protectionist, Precedence, Red Cadeaux, Royal Diamond and Thunder Lady. As usual we have some fabulous new parents beginning to visit their puppies but they will not be ready to leave until New Years Day.

Big congratulations also to Erin and Savvy on their recent success at Alice Springs shows on 8th November. Savvy claimed another 18 points with 3 Best of Breed, 3 Intermediate in Group and one Best in Group. Only another 14 points to get that title. Well done girls!!!

October 2014

Miley missed a few earlier tracking trials due to being in season but she was champing at the bit to get out at the German Shepherd Dog Club's Track and Search trial in early October. She had not done any tracking since May so we rushed her out the night before and she blitzed it. On Friday 10th October, a very warm spring day of 26 degrees, she went out on the streets of Cranbourne and achieved her TSD9 under judge Dawn Howard, with a grading of Very Good.

She was offered a Track On on Friday night and, under judge Kim Howard, Miley did a lovely track stopping only to attack a large sheet of weed mat that jumped out at her from a garden. She achieved her TSD 10 with another grading of Very Good to become our 4th (and Australia's 4th Dobermann) Grand Track and Search Champion. We are very proud of this little girl who has enjoyed every moment of her tracking career. I know her Mum, Deb, has some great plans for Miley in other disciplines so we look forward to more great news from her.

August 2014

A rather quiet winter period with nothing planned as we had expected to have puppies during that period. We missed the mating due to being tied up with tracking trials. However, we were able to get a successful mating with Darcy (Gr Ch Coppertop So Tempting) this season and look forward to our next litter due on Melbourne Cup Day, 4th November.

March/April 2014

What a fabulous 6 weeks it has been for Marksman. Once again, we have had some success with Bear and Angel passing their TSD9 test. On 21 & 22 March, the TSD9 test was conducted by the Dobermann Club of Victoria on the streets of Lyndhurst. Under judge Rob Tester, Bear was graded Good and Angel graded Very Good for their tests. Tango was in season and missed out!!

On 4th April, the German Shepherd Dog Club conducted the TSD10 test, the last and highest level of Track and Search. Our darling Angel became the first Track and Search Grand Champion Dobermann in Australia, with another grading of Very Good from judge Dawn Howard. Angel knew it was her last track so she went out in a blaze of glory, on a mission right to the end - on her 8th birthday. Very proud of our lovely lady who can now retire to the activity she enjoys most - Therapy Dog at the local aged care facilities.

Very proud Nanny at the Dobermann Club's AGM on 17th April when Miley was awarded the Versatile Dobermann Award for 2013 - a well deserved effort, and following the family tradition. Her father Bear won the Outstanding Achievement Award in 2007 and her sister, Tango, won the Versatile Dobermann Award for 2011 and 2012

Then at the Tracking Club TSD Trial at Haddon on Anzac weekend we had great success. Bear went out on Friday night with judge Dawn Howard and passed his TSD10 test to make him a Track and Search Grand Champion. Tango & Miley turned 5 on that day so, just for the celebration, Tango passed her TSD9 with a Very Good and Miley passed her TSD7 with a Good grading. Given the opportunity for a Track On for the night tracks, Tango passed her TSD10 to gain her Track & Search Grand Champion title and Miley passed her TSD8 to gain her Track & Search Champion title - both girls graded Very Good by Rob Tester. A fabulous effort by these kids and we are extremely proud of them.

February 2014

A most enjoyable holiday at Bermagui again this year and both Miley and Tango had some success in the obedience ring in the Novice Class. On the first night, 8th February, they both did well with Tango scoring 176 and 2nd place, and Miley scoring 173 and 3rd place. On Sunday night, with warm and humid weather, they were both a bit flat but Miley managed to get 2nd place. On Monday, 10th Feb they went out and scored equal 1st place with a score of 179. Miley won the ring on a count back and Tango gained her CD title. The second weekend, the girls were a bit tired and distracted but Tango was able to get another pass on Friday 14th Feb, with a score of 179 and 2nd place, and 2nd place NQ on Sunday.

We have been officially notified by NDCA that Bear’s Register of Merit has now been approved. So very proud of the big boy who now joins Angel and son Tarkyn on the ROM Register

January 2014

With the introduction of another 4 levels of Track & Search, Victoria held its first TSD7 Trial on 13th & 14th January. Very proud to announce that Bear (graded Good) Angel (graded Very Good) and Tango (graded Excellent) all passed their test 7 in very warm conditions.

What a night on 28th January!!! Temperature had been 39 degrees all day and both Angel (with Kim Houlden) and Bear (with Dawn Howard) were out first. Bear graded Good and Angel graded Very Good. The following night, Tango went out (with Kim Houlden) and passed her TSD8 track, with some considerable focus on the possum population. We now have three new Track and Search Champions!!!

December 2013

A good week for Tango, following on from her RA title on Tuesday, she went out at Croydon Obedience trial and got her first Novice pass with a score of 172. Thanks to judge, Dawn Ayton, who allowed a second recall due to a train whizzing past during the recall.

November 2013

After her first Novice attempt at the Royal Melbourne Show in September, Miley did a lovely obedience job at the DCV Specialty on 2nd November. A decent score of 174 but distracted in the heeling whereas Tango surprised me with her heeling but missed her recall. Both scored an NQ for the day but Miss Miley was able to get a 2nd place out of 4 in the showring.

On Sunday 3rd November, at the DCV Working Aptitude Evaluation, Bear passed his test to earn the WAC title. Subject to NDCA approval, Bear will now earn the Register of Merit (ROM) as he already has the conformation and tracking titles. Very proud of our Bear who will soon join Angel and his son Tarkyn on the Dobermann Club's Register of Merit.

At the OTEC Obedience trial on Tuesday 26th November, Tango gained her third Rally Advanced Pass with a score of 79 to gain her RA title. Her handler cost her 13 points in errors, as usual! In the obedience ring, her heeling was lovely but she blew the stand for exam and the recall, then broke the sit/stay.

August 2013

Welcome to the Marksman family - Lara & Brian who have adopted the wild boy Dexter, Lee & Rachel who have the darling Little Bear, Bev & Bryan who are taking Princess Tess, David who has the cheeky Beth with the waggly tail, and Naomi in Katherine NT who is taking the adorable Queen Latifa who will now be known as Scout when 'on duty'. We are so lucky to have you as 'parents' to the 'kids' from the "Heart" Litter.

Super congratulations from a VERY proud Nanny to Erin & Sniper. On 31st August, Sniper first went out to do his track 3 under judge Dawn Howard, passed with a grading of Very Good and earned the title TD (Tracking Dog). He then went into the showring and gained the final points to make him a Neuter Champion - all on the same day!! He is now known as Neut Ch Marksman Justa Jipsy TD RN. Erin also deserves to be called a Champion for the amount of work she puts into her Dobies and the miles she travels to participate in numerous disciplines - well done Erin!!

July 2013

Very proud to announce that Miley passed her Track & Search Test 6 on the night of 24th July, judged by Dawn Howard. This has been an amazing journey for me with an amazing little girl. Thanks to Deb & Phil Charters for allowing me the privilege of handling Miley right through her tracking and track & search career. And Miley does it all just for some ‘raspberries’ from Nanny!!!

June 2013

On 11th June, Tango produced 5 beautiful babies from her mating with Jag (Ch Coppertop Red Hot Design CCD). Mum and babes are all healthy. Once again, we have been so lucky to find some wonderful homes for these babies - all in Victoria except for one to Katherine in NT.

Congratulations to Graeme and Nudge (Marksman Justa Joka ET) on achieving his Endurance title on Saturday 22nd June (with the assistance of daughter-in-law, Deb, I believe). Graeme reports that Nudge's heart rate at the end of the 20km run was no different to that at that start. He could have done another 20kms!!

Once again, congratulations to Erin on holidays in Townsville, who scored another 13 points (2 x Best of Breed) with Savannah (Marksman So Savvy) at Townsville Kennel Associations Champ Shows on 29th and 30th June.

May 2013

Congratulations again to Erin for her achieving Sniper’s RN (Rally Novice) title on 4th May at Alice Springs. Savannah also got her first Rally Novice along with another 2 x Best of Breed and a Best in Group. Sniper was also successful in the show-ring with a Neuter in Show and a Neuter of Breed. Sniper was not happy on the day, poor boy, so Erin took him home rather than stay for the remaining shows and tracking trial.

Congrats also to Graeme who has lots of competition in Perth but was able to get Reserve Dog in the Open Show and won the Dobe Intermediate Class in the Champ Show on 5th May with a total entry of 37 Dobermanns.

Very proud to announce that Tarkyn (Ch Marksman Mymocha TD WAC) has now been officially awarded his Register of Merit title. Congratulations to Sarah and Camm on this fantastic achievement.

April 2013

Congratulations to Erin for another Neuter in Group with Sniper at the Darwin Ladies Kennel Club Champ Show on 6th April. Not far to go now Erin!!!

Very proud to announce that Tango was again awarded the Versatile Dobermann Award at the Dobermann Club of Victoria's AGM on 18th April. Miley also received the inaugural Tracking Encouragement award; Angel , Miley, Tango & Tarkyn received title sashes, and the 3 kids also received sashes for Feature Shows and Trials throughout 2012.

First Track and Search trial for 2013 held at Haddon on 28th April and Miley does a lovely TSD4 track with a grading of Good. A bit slow on the start but settled down confidently until, out of nowhere, came two very frisky Jack Russells, frightening the daylights out of Miley and the handler!! On recovering, Miley was keen to have a quick romp but soon settled back onto the track.

March 2013

Huge congrats to Erin for her success at the recent Alice Springs Championship Shows (315th, 316th & 317th) on 2nd March. The lovely Miss Savvy scored 18 points towards her title with 3 x Best of Breed, 1 Junior in Group, 2 Puppy in Group and 3 Runner Up in Group. Sniper also scored another 18 points towards his title plus 1 Neuter in Group and 2 x Neuter in Show. It was worth the trip, Erin!!!

At Southern Obedience trials on 16th March, Tango was very flat in the morning but picked up enough to get another Rally Advanced Pass in the afternoon trial with a score of 78.

February 2013

On 2nd Feb, both Miley & Tango attended the Pet Expo at the Showgrounds for two Rally O trials. Very proud of the two girls - In a class of 20, Miley winning first place with a score of 98 and Tango winning 3rd place with a score of 93 to give her the RN title. In the afternoon trial, they were a little tired but Miley still managed to score 97 and Tango scored 84 after giving up at the last station. Miley went on to do a little demo of Rally O for the crowds inside - a real show pony!!!

While Tango & Tarkyn scored quite well on the 2012 Bermagui trip, Miley certainly demonstrated this year that she would not be left behind. Two lovely CCD passes, scoring 93 & 94, both 3rd places to give her the CCD title. Two days later, she scored 85 in her final Rally Novice trial to get her RN title. Not to be outdone in the showring, Miley also achieved a 10 point challenge on the first weekend and on the second weekend, she was Reserve Bitch and Australian Bred in Group.

Congratulations to Deb and Miley for a fabulous effort.

Tango had a few hiccups in the Novice ring but she is only just beginning CD trialling. She did manage a Rally Advanced pass though we found it is considerably more difficult than the Rally Novice.

January 2013

Congratulations to Erin & Sniper, who won the No 1 Neuter Dog for the Northern Territory (Utility Group). Thanks to Dogs Online for the lovely certificate for Sniper.

December 2012

At the Croydon Obedience Trial, the last for the year, Tango got her second Rally Novice Pass with a score of 84 – a silly handler error cost us 10 points so Tango was not impressed!!!

Finally received the official notification of Angel’s Register of Merit (ROM) title – a very nice finish to her amazing career. She now joins the elite few who have demonstrated their ability to achieve the ROM title. Angel may come out next year to try her hand at Rally O though she is quite happy to be a busy Therapy Dog at the moment.


November 2012

Congratulations to Deb Charters and Miley, who did a lovely first obedience trial at the Dobe Club Specialty Show on 3rd November. Deb was so nervous but Miley surprised her with a really snappy performance to win the ring with a score of 94 for her first CCD Pass. During conformation interval, Deb and Miley performed a fantastic routine for Dancing with Dogs to really impress the crowd. Miley will be the first Victorian Dobermann to perform in Dancing with Dogs when she starts competing next year.

The following weekend, with a trip away to Echuca, Miley scored another two challenges worth 16 points, making a total of 45 towards her show title.

At the Tracking Club Presentation night on 22nd November, both Miley & Tango were awarded their title medallions for the year. Miley was also presented with the inaugural sash for Tracking Dobermann of the Year and Tango was awarded the Track and Search Dog of the year plaque.

To top off an eventful month, at the OTEC FOOs trial on 27th November, Tango achieved her first Rally O pass with a score of 89. Of course, Miley came into season and missed the Rally O trial.

September 2012

The Dobermann Club Fun Day walk at Jells Park on 8th September was a great opportunity to catch up with the Marksman kids. Apart from Miley & Tango (My litter) we had Benson (Justa litter) and Nudle, Vinnie, Odin, Lunar and Hannah (So litter) all getting along so well together. Bear was delighted to see his kids and had a great romp with them. They are all looking very healthy and clearly well looked after.

At the Tracking Club Track & Search Test 6 Trial on 11th September, Tango again did a nice track, at a rapid rate though she took a little diversion near the end. She easily found the tracklayer and received a grading of Good and her TSDX title.

Our trip to Alice Springs to judge at their inaugural Tracking Trials was a great success. Congratulations to Erin and Sniper for passing their Test 1, graded Good, and their Test 2, graded Very Good. Sniper then went on to get 2 Neuter in Group, a Neuter in Show and a further 18 points towards his Neuter Champion title.

Our beautiful Tango also had a successful weekend gaining her final points to achieve her Australian Champion and Dual Champion titles. To top it off, she took out 1 Best in Group, 2 Runner Up in Group and 3 Open in Group awards for the weekend. Very proud of this little girl!!!! Overall, a fabulous month for Marksman kids.

August 2012

At the Bendigo Track & Search trial on 3rd August, Tango tracked beautifully once again to gain another Very Good grading for her TSD4 through the park, football oval, CFA training grounds, across a couple of streets  and along the walking track at Kangaroo Flat. Both Deb and Miley were unwell so Miley was scratched from this trial.

Our next TSD trial was one month later at Morwell and both girls performed beautifully. Tango hardly missed a beat in her TSDX5 track (800m in 6 mins!!) and was graded Very Good. Miley did her best ever track at record pace (almost as fast as her sister!!) and although she missed the mobile phone on the track, she was graded Very Good for her TSD3 and gained her TSD title. She can now have a rest until next year while Tango does some quick training for her TSD6 track.

Some more good news from Alice Springs – Sniper had two nice Rally Novice passes - 96 and 93 points. One more pass for his RN title.

July 2012

At the Tracking Club's Track & Search trial on the first weekend of July, Tango did a lovely TSD2 track through a new housing estate at Inverleigh. She indicated both articles beautifully and had no difficulty with the asphalt roads and concrete footpaths. Helen den Hartog gave her a grading of Very Good. However, once again, poor Miley had to battle with the 'roos and the added challenge of two dogs rushing aggressively from a yard at her. It was very difficult to keep her focussed but she did indicate one article and was never far from the track. She received a Pass for her TSD1.

Our next TSD trial was one week later at Warragul - Miley for TSD2 and Tango for TSD3. Tango did her track in the local park at Drouin, at breakneck speed, downhill on wet grass but (surprisingly!!) I managed to stay upright. She was graded Very Good for her TSD title. Miley had a slow start - she had been sick for several weeks and had been on medication so I was not prepared to let her struggle. However, once she turned the first corner and indicated an article, the penny dropped and away she went, very nicely all the way. She received a grading of Good.

Great news from Erin at Alice Springs - her young Savannah (Marksman So Savvy), at her first batch of shows, took out 2 Baby Puppy in Group in July. Sniper had some very stiff competition in the neuter class. Congratulations to Erin & So Savvy. She is not yet 4 months old.

Congratulations also to Graeme in WA with Marksman Justa Joka's Runner-Up Best of Breed in a class of 25 Dobermanns on 21st July. Well done Graeme and Nudge.

May 2012

A big congratulations to Erin and Sniper for their 5 Neuter in Group wins at the Alice Springs shows 5th-7th May. Sniper now has 36 points towards his Neuter Champion title. Erin has done a fantastic job with him, despite the remote living and long hours of travelling, being involved in conformation, tracking and obedience in Alice Springs (and maybe agility shortly). Sniper will have his hands full with the new addition to the family.

Our adorable "So" babies - Nudle, Baron, Lunar, Vinnie, Hannah, Tommy and Savannah - all went to their new homes from 15th May. A very warm welcome to the Marksman family to Morgan and Romana and their sons Ethan and Xavier; to Julian and Annabelle and their kids Amelia & Jonathan; Paul and Rebecca and their three kids Elijah, Jade and Layla; Elliot and Cass; Luisa and Henry; Kimberley and Aaron; and of course, Erin, Nigel and Elin at Harts Range in NT.

Huge congratulations to Miley who gained her Tracking Champion title at the Knox Tracking Trial held at Haddon on 12th May. This track was in dense bush and would have to be the most difficult track I have ever done. Miley was distracted by kangaroos on several occasions and I had to really battle at times to get her refocussed on the track. But she did do some lovely tracking and, of course, she found something to kill on the track - the tracklayer who was standing behind a tree.

April 2012

At the Easter OTEC Obedience trial on 8th April, Tango gained her final pass for her CCD title, with a score of 86. Now we can concentrate on Track and Search for the winter months before commencing training for Novice. On the same day, at the Easter Festival Show, Miley & Tango both won their classes and Tango was Reserve Challenge.

At the Dobermann Club of Victoria's AGM on 19th April, Tango, Miley & Tarkyn received rosettes for Highest Scoring Dobermann at 2 tracking trials in 2011 while their father received a rosette for Highest Scoring Dobermann at the Dobe Club obedience trial in 2011. Angel (TSDX), Bear (CCD), Tango (T Ch, TDX & ET) Miley (TDX & ET) and Tarkyn (WAC) also received their title sashes for 2011.

Tango was also awarded the Versatile Dobermann Award for 2011 - a very close contest between 3 dogs. Tango achieved 3 titles (as above), she also participated in 2 obedience trials, achieved a TSD1 pass, and in conformation, she had a Best in Group, Aust Bred in Group, and Intermediate in Group and several Best of Breed and Challenge, even though she was only shown for several months of the year. Tango is a beautiful little working girl who just loves to please.

March 2012

On 19th March, Angel presented us with another 7 beautiful babies - 4 boys and 3 girls. We have again been fortunate to find some lovely families for these puppies to go to in mid May. Our next planned litter will be with Tango in 2013 though we are yet to decide on a mate for her.


February 2012

Congratulations to Sarah and Tarkyn who achieved the final points for Tark’s Australian Champion title at Bermagui on 19th February. Overall, a very successful trip to Bermagui this year with Tarkyn scoring a 15 point Best of Breed and Open in Group on the first weekend and three challenges worth 18 points on the second weekend. Apart from a couple of early challenges in November 2010, Tarkyn achieved 88 of his title points in just 5 weeks – an amazing effort!!

Tango also picked up 35 points towards her conformation title with Best of Breed on Friday, then Bitch Challenge & Australian Bred in Group on the Sunday. She topped that off with two lovely CCD passes in Obedience. Tango gained another Best of Breed on the second weekend taking her point score to 83. She may have to put the showing on hold while we work on that final CCD pass and prepare for the Track & Search season.

January 2012


Great start to the year at South Eastern K C show on 13th January with Thai judge, Mr Tsai Chin-Fa, who obviously took a liking to the Marksman kids - an 11 point Best of Breed for Tarkyn and a 9 point challenge and Runner Best of Breed for Miley. Tango was Reserve challenge bitch - and again the following day (four reserve challenges in a row!!!)

The following weekend at Lang Lang (21st January), Tarkyn took Reserve dog and Runner Up Best of Breed, Miley another 10 point Challenge and Tango Reserve Challenge. Tango was also awarded Australian Bred in Group by Miss J Anderson who appeared to like the Marksman kids. On the same weekend, at the Ladies Kennel Club show in Perth, Graeme's boy Nudge won Junior in Group.

At the Australia Day International show (26th Jan), with an entry of nearly 1500, Tarkyn took out Best of Breed then went on to get Best in Group and Intermediate in Group. Of course, Sarah and the breeder were absolutely over the moon with this win. This is the second Best in Group win for the 'My' litter.

On 28th Jan, at the 2nd Australia Day International, Tarkyn was again awarded Best of Breed, Runner Up in Group and Intermediate in Group under Indonesian judge, Mr M Riady, then Intermediate in Show under under Japanese judge, Mr S Kimura.

November & December 2011

At Northcote Obedience Trial on 1st November, Tango finished her 2nd trial on 84 NQ. Started well but missed a couple of sits in the heeling and moved two feet in the stand for exam.

At Echuca on Saturday 5th November, Miss Miley took out Intermediate in Group. Judge Pamela Carpenter watched Miley in the General Specials and stated she was "nicely put together and moves beautifully" and "such a lovely package". At his first show in Alice Springs, Sniper took out Best Neuter Dobe and Open Neuter in Group. Congrats to Erin and hopefully those points will add up quickly.

On New Year's Eve in WA, Nudge had his first show and won the Junior Dog class. He has some very stiff competition in that State but Graeme is confident he can take them on !!!

October 2011

At Kyneton Champ Show on 2nd October, Tango won Best of Breed with Miley as Runner Up under Mr A Van Den Broek (Netherlands) then Mrs R Robertson (NSW) gave Tango Best in Group and Best Australian Bred in Group - she now has 48 points towards her show title. Then on 23rd October at Southern Cross show, Miley earned herself a very handy 10 point Bitch Challenge.

At the Dobermann Club Specialty Show on 29th October, Bear got his final CCD pass to (finally!!!) earn his CCD title. He was placed 1st with daughter Tango placed 2nd (NQ) in CCD in her very first obedience trial and Angel 2nd in Novice with 161 points (NQ). To top the family day off, Tarkyn passed his WAE (working aptitude evaluation) to earn his WAC title.

September 2011

A nice finish to the tracking year with Tango passing her TSD 1 at the Gippsland TSD trial - again with the sheep walking along several legs of her track. I was not too sure that she was ready for it as we had done only minimal training.

August 2011

At Inverleigh on 20th August, Tango passed her Test 7 to achieve her Tracking Champion title and the following day, Miley passed her Test 5. Both girls had a few 'issues' with trees - Miley wanting to kill a tall burnt tree stump and Tango convinced that possums and/or koalas were up in the trees.

The following weekend, at the VCA State trial, Miley did an excellent job for 80% of her Test 6 track but spent considerable time killing mice I the very long grass. This girl has never done an ordinary track - there is always something to 'kill'. She was graded Good for her Tracking Dog Excellent title

July 2011

Great news from the West - Graeme has had several 'rehearsals' with Nudge's introduction to tracking. On 23rd July, Nudge finally got his pass on his Test 1. He is only 10 months old so still quite playful.

June 2011

At their first tracking trial for the season at Flinders, the 3 Marksman kids did very well overall. A little disappointing for Tango (on Saturday) who had a very windy start high on the hill and she finally got to taste cow poo - and thoroughly enjoyed large mouthfuls of it!! Once we got down the hill out of the wind, she put her head down and really took to the track, finishing her Test 5 with a grading of Good.

On Sunday, both Miley and Tarkyn completed their Test 4s and both were graded Very Good. As I was judging other tracks, I did not get to see Tarks tracking but I had the pleasure of being on the lead behind Miss Miley who did a lovely track (apart from wanting to kill the cattle).

On 21st June, Angel became the second TSDX Dobermann in Australia. She did a beautiful - very strong and very fast - TSD6 night urban track around the streets of Cranbourne. It was freezing cold, with very strong winds, yet she did not put a foot wrong. She was graded Excellent - a very nice way to finish off her tracking career.

Poor Miley again missed the ballot for the Eastern trial but Tango & Tarkyn had the opportunity to track. Tarks gave Cammeron a pretty rough time through the timber and after getting himself tangled, he did not want to refocus. Though Tango passed her Test 5 with a grading of Good, gaining her TDX title, she was a bit off colour and her article indication was not the best. The girls are expected to come into season so will miss the July trials.

Congrats to Deb Charters' boy, Chase (big buddy to Miss Miley), who earned his Tracking Champion title at Eastern.

May 2011

A great weekend at the end of May for mother and daughters. Angel passed her TSD5 test at Ballarat with a very nice track around a lovely new housing estate where residents had lawns sprouting in their very muddy nature strips. I doubt they would have been too impressed with Angel's deep footprints right through the middle of each one.

On the same day, daughters Miley & Tango completed their endurance tests at KCC Park. Phil & Trevor cycled the 20kms and both girls had a clean bill of health both before and after the test.

November 2010

Once again we have been fortunate in finding some wonderful homes for our 'Justa' litter - Sniper, Nudge, Raj, Snoop, Zac, Lily, Munchen and Benson - whelped in September. We welcome to the Marksman family Graeme & Bev (WA), Erin & Nigel (NT), Damian (Mildura), and in Melbourne, Damian, Rebeccah & Kevin, Daryl-Anne, Matt & Heidi, and Terry. We look forward to hearing about the progress of your puppies and sharing all the joys of their life- journeys with you.

Just prior to leaving the litter, Raj and Munchen attended the Walmsley Village aged care facility in Kilsyth where their parents, Bear and Angel, attend fortnightly (photos in the Justa litter section). It was so rewarding to see the smiles on the elderly residents faces when introduced to the puppies.

Congratulations to Sarah Davies-Gale who has achieved two Challenges with Tarkyn (Marksman Mymocha TD) in his first five shows. Keep up the good show work, Sarah and Deb (with Marksman Mylaminit TD), until we can get out tracking again.

September 2010

We proudly announce the arrival of our latest litter from Bear & Angel on 28th September - 7 brown males, 1 black male and 1 brown female. They will be ready to leave the litter from 23rd November

August 2010

Inverleigh Tracking Trial on 21st to 23rd August was very successful for the 3 Marksman kids - Tango, Miley & Tarkyn. Tango passed her Test 4 with a grading of Very Good while Miley & Tarkyn both passed their Test 2, both graded Good. At the VCA State Tracking Trial at Rosebud, held 28th to 30th August, both Miley & Tarkyn passed their Test 3 to achieve their Tracking Dog titles. Trevor and I are very proud of these 3 'kids' as they have achieved more than we expected at such a young age. Congratulations to:

  • Marksman Mymelody TD (Marksman Kennels)
  • Marksman Mylaminit TD (Deb & Phil Charters)
  • Marksman Mymocha TD (Sarah Davies & Cammeron Gale)

Congratulations also to Sarah on her success with Rottie Stella TDX. Sarah only commenced tracking with Stella this year after I handled her for Tests 1 & 2 in 2009. Sarah has taken Stella through Test 3, 4, 5 & 6 this year, achieving both Tracking Dog & Tracking Dog Excellent titles.

July 2010

Champion of Champions 2010 saw Bear improve his position from 13th last year to 7th this year with a score of 161. He also received the award for the fastest track!! Trevor and Bear also played silly dress-ups and came 3rd in that competition (photos coming). Angel did not compete this year because she was in season and I was stewarding. I also qualified for my Tracking Judge licence on 31st July and will be judging at Champions next year.

May-June 2010

On 29th May, Angel earned her ET title by completing her Endurance Test at KCC Park. Many thanks to Dawn Ayton for handling Angel for the test.

At Hastings tracking trial on Saturday 5th June, the first of the Marksman 'kids' hit the tracks. Marksman Mymocha (Tarkyn), owned by Sarah & Camm, completed his Test 1 with a grading of Good. On Sunday 6th June, Marksman Mylaminit (Miley), owned by Deb Charters, and Marksman Mymelody (Tango) joined the team. For their Test 1, Miley was graded Good and Tango was graded Very Good.

At Bendigo Tracking Trial on 19th June, both Miley & Tango attempted their Test 2. Miley was a little distracted on her 2nd leg and failed to qualify however Tango overcame the distractions of sheep and kangaroos and was graded Good for her Test 2.

At Eastern Tracking Trial on 28th June, Tango had a bit of a battle with the swallows on her T3, but otherwise a very nice track, graded Good, achieving her Tracking Dog (TD) Title.

April 2010

At Town & Country Kennel Club's champ show on Easter Monday, Tango gained her first points with Challenge Bitch and Runner-Up Best of Breed. Miley was Reserve Challenge to her sister. These girls will not be shown regularly as they are about to start their tracking and obedience careers.

First Track & Search Trial (Tests 5 & 6 Only) for 2010 at Morwell on 10th & 11th April and Bear does a lovely track to gain his TSD5 level. The weather was cold, wet & very windy so Bear had to work quite hard on a lot of concrete and asphalt. The video of that track will be posted on this site shortly.

Second Track & Search Dog Trial at Inverleigh 23rd to 26th April and 10 dogs qualify for the first TSDX titles in Australia. Bear did a great Night Urban track around the town of Bannockburn, gaining his TSDX title, and Angel (in the middle of another 'phantom') surprised us with a beautiful meandering TSD4 track around the town of Inverleigh. Both Bear and Angel were graded Very Good.

March 2010

A very warm day for the Obedience trial at Southern on 20th March. Angel won the Novice class and received a qualifying score of 175 for her first CD pass. But for the afternoon trial, she decided she had done enough for one day.
Both Angel and Bear passed their assessments with the PALS program run by the Lort Smith Animal Hospital and will now be visiting several aged care facilities in the outer eastern suburbs as Therapy Dogs.
February 2010

An enjoyable holiday in the south of NSW with 6 shows and 6 obedience trials. However, Angel came into season the week before we left so missed all but the final trial. All trials were under water due to very heavy rains and although she did not qualify, she came 3rd in her class.

Tango behaved beautifully in the show-ring and was awarded Junior in Group at Bermagui and placed 2nd in the Puppy Sweepstakes at Wolumla.

November 2009

We almost lost our adorable Angel when she went through a plate glass window (accidentally) at home. She slashed her throat, severing an artery and missing the jugular by quarter of an inch. She also received a 4" gash to the bone on her right leg. It was a frantic rush to wrap the throat wound and get her to the nearest vet. The initial prognosis was that we would lose her given that she had lost more than 60% of her blood supply. Remarkably, within 3 hours after surgery, Angel's blood count was back to normal - without a transfusion!! The local vet and our own vet have both confirmed that the increased blood supply was due to her phantom pregnancy at that time. So finally, the dreaded phantom saved her life. She attended the Dobe Specialty the following day with leg bandaged and 12 stitches in her throat as a spectator only.

September 2009

Tango & Miley had their first taste of showing at Seymour on 5th September. Tango was placed 4th in a class of 25 in the Baby Puppy Sweepstakes. The ‘girls’ were a little overwhelmed initially but with a bit of ring practice, they were a little more confident in their Dobe Baby Puppy Class.

August 2009

We are proud to announce that Bear and Angel became the first Dobermanns in Australia to earn the Track and Search Dog title at the Gippsland Track & Search Dog Trial on 2nd August. They were among the first 10 of all breeds to earn this new title.

Bear (graded good) tracked beautifully, indicating both articles but was a little distracted by large fresh kangaroo footprints in the non-vegetated area - really testing Trevor's patience!

Angel (graded very good) encountered quite a few sheep on her track and, after a short aggressive standoff, went about her business but missed the 2nd article (soft toy - a little white lamb??). According to the judge, she was never more than 2 to 3 feet off the track at any time. This was one of the best (and fastest) tracks that Angel has done so far. They never cease to amaze us with their ability to track in such varied environmental conditions and distractions.

On 4th August, Marksman Mymelody (Tango) and Marksman Mylaminit (Miley) graduated from Puppy School at Woofpurnay in Narre Warren. Tango & Miley were very well behaved (most of the time) and have enjoyed the basic obedience and socialisation classes.

At the Inverleigh Track & Search Trial on 24th August, Bear completed a beautiful Test 4 with a grading of good.

July 2009

At the Tracking Club of Victoria's inaugural Track & Search Dog Trial, in the most awful weather conditions and terrain, Bear & Angel passed their TSD1 tests (both graded good).

Being offered a 'track-on' two days later, we leapt at this opportunity and both Bear (graded excellent) and Angel (graded good) passed their TSD2 tests. We were very proud of the performance given that we humans lacked the confidence to compete in these conditions.

June 2009

Our first litter from Bear and Angel arrived on Anzac Day, 25th April - five males, three females (4 black, 4 brown). Angel is a wonderful Mum and all puppies have been placed in lovely homes with people who understand and appreciate the breed.

Tango, our new girl, will hopefully follow in the footsteps of her mum and dad, along with several of her litter-mates - Miley, Tarkyn & Barry.

March 2009

After an abysmal start at the morning trial, both Bear and Angel did well in the afternoon trial at Knox Dog Obedience Club on 22nd March. Their lethargy may have been due to the warm weather but a firm 'talking to' during the lunch break worked wonders. Bear came 2nd with a score of 90 to achieve his second CCD pass.  Angel was placed 3rd with a score of 79 to gain her 3rd CCD pass, resulting in her CCD title. We were very happy with the second performance for the day.

Angel and Bear were successfully mated this month. Puppies whelped 25th April - 4 males still available

November 2008

Angel commenced her obedience career in October with a very nervous and inexperienced handler and she had a few problems with the sit/stay in the first few trials. But at the Dobe Specialty on 1st November, Bear's first trial, they both performed quite well. Angel achieved her first CCD pass with a score of 86 but Bear was more interested in the girls. At Northcote on the following Tuesday, 4th November. Both Bear and Angel earned CCD passes with Bear 4th in a class of 22 with a score of 89.

July 2008

At the Tracking Club of Victoria tracking trial held at Broadford on 12th July, Angel performed at her best level yet and completed a beautiful Track 6, graded Very Good, to achieve her Tracking Champion title. Added to the show title received last month, this now makes her a Dual Champion. A lovely way to complete her tracking career – we are so very proud of her.

June 2008

We proudly announce that Bear gained his Tracking Champion title at the Hastings Obedience Dog Club tracking trial at Flinders on 1st June 2008. This now makes Bear a Dual Champion. He can have a well-deserved break before starting his obedience and therapy training.

At the Canine Amenities Championship Show on 21st June, Angel was awarded Challenge Bitch and Runner-up Best of Breed – the final points to achieve her Australian Champion title.

April 2008

At the Dobermann Club of Victoria's Annual General Meeting on 18th April, Bear was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award for 2007. This was to acknowledge his achievements and titles over several disciplines for that year - conformation and tracking. He holds the magnificent Dobermann Trophy for the year and a sash.

Angel received a sash for Highest Scoring Dobermann at the Inverleigh Tracking Trial last year and she was also a contender for the Outstanding Achievement Award.

Both Angel and Bear were awarded their Dobermann Club title sashes at the same time. We were both extremely proud of our "kids" and their hard work for 2007.

February 2008

Once again, our Bear has undergone surgery after swallowing a needle and cotton. He swallowed his teddy bear's head when he was only 6 months old and that required surgery.

We searched everywhere for the needle because we did not believe he would actually swallow a needle! After a sleepless night, I took him to the Vet just to check it out. Sure enough, the x-ray clearly showed the needle still in the stomach and, because we could not move it up or down, surgery was the only alternative.

Bear has fully recovered, this time with only a small bald patch under his belly. Just in time for the SA Specialty weekend.

December 2007

"I am very proud to congratulate you on winning the Dogtrial's Victorian Tracking Dog  2007 with Ch Kaiela Hot Venture TDX.
You had a great year, and you must be truly proud of this wonderful dog. We understand how much hard work and effort has gone into training and competing to earn this position in the Dogtrial's competition during 2007. It says so much about your beautiful and loving companion, and also about you both as a team

Judy Thompson, Showdogs


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