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Two Dobermanns

Our History

After reading a book about the heroic deeds of the Dobermann during the war, I decided I must have one of these magnificent dogs. I acquired my first bitch, Bomano Belle, from a policeman in Ararat in 1970 and was advised that I should show her. She became the foundation bitch of Dobewright Kennels and was mated with Ch Lynmara Undaunted in 1971.

Nella's litterI kept a puppy from that litter, Dobewright Acquila and brought another puppy, also sired by Ch Lynmara Undaunted, from Ken Jorgenson. His name was Del Mayo Gay Crusader.

Both these young dogs were shown in Victoria for a year or so, then I moved to New South Wales and continued to show. Del Mayo Gay Crusader gained his title in 1973. Bomano Belle produced a further two litters.

Due to a marriage breakup, I moved back to Victoria without the dogs in 1978 and soon got a puppy, Torsea the Silmarillion, from Jenny and Keith Ralph. But the following year, I commenced training in the Police Academy and was unable to keep this dog. Sadly, he was returned to Jenny & Keith. Over the next few years, I adopted several 'rescue dogs' to fill the gap in our home.

CharoAfter meeting Trevor in 1983, we commenced partnership with our own company, Marksman Security Services. Trevor had been working with his own Dobermann bitch and regularly attended at Wattle Park Obedience Training. This partnership resulted in the birth of Marksman Kennels in 1984 and our foundation bitch, Dovern Moonshine Lady (Charo). BaronOver the next 10 years, Charo produced 3 litters sired by Schutzeneck Barron (Baron).

Charo, along with her offspring Boss, Brock and Missy, were our regular workers in the security industry. We did not conduct any attack-training with our Dobermanns but relied on their natural vigilance, intuition and protective nature - and they never let us down. BossIt is interesting to note, though, that the girls preferred to work for me, and the boys preferred working with Trevor. Our security work varied from crowd control, high risk personal protection, through to industrial site patrols.

When we lost Boss in 1993, we needed a mate for Sasha and we got a lovely boy Kaiser (Lizmain All a Glitter) from Bev Ross. After losing our darling Sasha at the age of 13 years, we decided to return to the showring and in 2006, we were adopted by Bear (Kaiela Hot Venture) and Angel (Coppertop Caucha Looking), and whole new success story begins.