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Two Dobermanns

Name: Dual Champion (T) Kaiela Hot Venture
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 17/1/2006
Tattoo: KL2N
Colour: Brown & Tan
Health Status: vWD clear
Registered No: 3100165145
Bred by: Angela Brindley

                                      S. Scharmeland Jefferson

                    S. Scharmeland Paris

                                      D. Scharmeland Dymond Dixie

Sire T CH Ebonytan Bobby

                                      S. Covaines Brecon Armadeus

                    D. Kaiela Jet Desire

                                      D. Kaiela Frequent Jet
Ebonytan Bobby
Kaiela Hot Venus
                                      S. Aust Gr Ch Kaiela Night Line WAC

                    S. Kaiela Jet Express  CD

                                      D. Aust Ch Kaiela Jet Flight CDX BH ROM

Dam TCh Kaiela Hot Venus CD

                                      S. Aust Ch Kenashy My Imperial Lord WAC

                    D. OTCh Kaiela Hot Act  UD ET BH WAC

                                      D. Aust Ch Kaiela Hot Brew CDX BH ROM


Outstanding Achievement Award 2007
(Presented by the Dobermann Club of Victoria )

Highest Scoring Dobermann
Hastings Tracking Trial (2008)
(Presented by the Dobermann Club of Victoria)